“Kommersant” found out the theme of the secret telephone conversations between Putin and Poroshenko

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin regularly calls up with the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The last such conversation took place in early April. The sides discussed the situation in the Donbass, reports “Kommersant” referring to sources in Moscow and Kiev.

Close to the Kremlin source confirmed the telephone conversations between the two presidents. According to him, these phone conversations between the two leaders — regular practice.

According to the interlocutor of Kommersant in Moscow, the conversation between the presidents took place in a “respectful proper manner,” while politicians occasionally “passed on the playfully ironic tone”.

“The presidents were forced to joke, not to quarrel and not to tell each other sharps,” — said the newspaper’s source.

He added that the parties failed to reach concrete agreements, but they agreed to “certain humanitarian aspects”. The source of “Kommersant” in Kiev close to the environment Poroshenko, explained that the heads of state discussed the exchange of prisoners, supply to the Donbass food, water and electricity, as well as the Ukrainian payment of pensions to inhabitants of the breakaway DNI and LC.

The interlocutor in an environment Poroshenko said that the President warned Putin: if the Republic does not pay the debt for electricity supplies from the Ukrainian territory will cease. 25 APR really part of the LC, controlled by the militia, cut off from the electricity.

Officially, the talks are not publicized. The heads of States, in contrast, use a harsh rhetoric against each other. Since the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Southeast of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko characterizes Russia as an aggressor country. At the end of November 2016, he stated that “Russian aggression” worse than the Chernobyl disaster. In February of this year, he accused Moscow and Putin personally in the hatred of Ukraine and the desire to “decorate” her “in Russian colors”.

Back in early March, sources of Kommersant in Moscow and Kiev reported regular negotiations between Putin and Poroshenko. At that time, as the newspaper, there were four telephone conversation with the beginning of the year. Conversation on February 21 held on the initiative of Ukraine and lasted about 20 minutes, reported the sources.

Secret the format of the talks, “Kommersant” explained that they can provoke criticism of the Ukrainian President, “the radical camp” and lead to another charge of “collusion with the aggressor behind the people”.Now the interlocutor of the edition in Kiev also confirms the desire not to advertise the conversation between the two politicians.