Moscow city hall has issued a Declaration Sobyanin and leadership of the capital

On Friday evening, April 28, the governments of Moscow has published information about the income of Sergey Sobyanin and management of the municipality for the year 2016.

The annual income of the mayor of Moscow amounted to 6 million 456 thousand RUB a Year ago, he reported revenue of almost the same magnitude: 6 million 480 thousand rubles. a year ago, the list of the property of the mayor listed a garage with an area of 26.8 square meters, and in using — apartment the area of 308,1 sq. m.

As with income information for 2015, information about the nearest relatives of the mayor, the portal was not there.

The highest income among the Ministers of the government of Moscow, like last year, received the head of the Department for external economic and international relations Sergey Cheremin. His annual income has increased from 89.9 million RUB in 2015 to 94.9 mln. in 2016. In his property is also six plots, two apartments, townhouse and Villa. Cheremin also owns two Mercedes and one Lexus.

Head of Department of transport of the mayoralty Maxim Liksutov, as in the past year, have declared eight vehicles: a Lexus, two Mercedes and five motor transport. In addition, Liksutov owns three plots of land, dwelling house with an area of over 2 thousand square meters, the apartment with total area of 178,6 sq. m, two Parking lots and two residential spaces. His annual income amounted to more than 6 million 819 thousand.

Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov declared almost the same revenue as last year, and his property have not changed. The information for the year 2016 means that his income amounted to RUB 6 million 887 ( (6 888 million RUB in 2015), the wife of the official has earned 13 million 806 RUB (13 807 million RUB in 2015). In the ownership of Biryukov are land, country house, apartment (shared ownership with his wife), cars and country houses.

Deputy sobyanina on urban policy Marat Husnullin has declared for 2016, the income of 6 million 454 thousand rubles., a year ago, it reported the income of 6 million 741 thousand RUB over the Head of the government of Moscow Anastasia Rakova declared 6 million 357 thousand rubles of net income, slightly less than the data for 2015.