The FAS said on the compliance with the state interests of the claims of the head of “Transneft”

The FAS considers the claims “Transneft” unfounded, said the head of Department TEK of the Federal Antimonopoly service Dmitry Makhonin.

The President of “Transneft” Nikolay Tokarev on 26 April wrote a letter to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev, in which he criticized the work of the Ministry, told “Vedomosti”. In recent times in relation to “Transneft” and its subsidiaries, the FAS takes action, makes public statements “prejudicial to the interests and reputation of the company,” said Tokarev.

FAS fined “Novorossiysk commercial sea port” (NCSP) 9.74 billion rubles for violation of the antitrust laws “without checking the validity of individual complaints of the oil companies,” complained Tokarev. The company is also unhappy that in the debate between “Rosneft” and “Transneft” FAS acted in the interests of the oil company, cancelled the results of the procurement of “Transneft” without complaints from third parties, refused to consider the draft law on main pipeline transport of oil and oil products.

The feeling that the letter was prepared by the person who either does not understand the law, or has no information about the relationship between FAS and Transneft, surprised Makhonin.

FAS actually fined NPMT at RUB 9.4 billion, but the company has had the opportunity to present arguments in his defense during antitrust investigations, and now have the opportunity to prove their case in a civilized way — to challenge the decision of FAS in court, said Makhonin.

Claims of action in favor of “Rosneft” is also unfounded, the official said. “Rosneft” has sent an application to the FAS and the parallel claim in court, demanding from “Transneft” to conclude an agreement on oil transportation on the oil company. “We have to investigate all the allegations,” — said Makhonin. FAS sent a request to “Transneft” and then concluded that “Transneft” the antitrust laws are not violated, reminds Makhonin.

With regard to the recent purchase of a single lot of pipes 50 billion rubles, the FAS decided that the procedure was completed with violations, mainly because the procurement was carried out by closed method, although the reason for this was: the information does not contain state secrets and so on, said the official. But the appeal for the purchase was withdrawn prior to a decision, therefore, FAS was limited to a letter to the “Transneft”, the purchase was not abolished, he explains.

Transneft accuses the FAS and the failure to consider the draft law on main pipeline transport of oil and oil products. “We have a law on natural monopolies, law on protection of competition and many other normative-legal acts, which, in essence, repeated the norms of the law,” said Makhonin. According to him, the position of the FAS on the movement document will not be affected in the near future energy will hold a conciliatory meeting with the departments and will forward the document to the government.

“Transneft” has decided to terminate the Memorandum with the FAS and the Saint-Petersburg international commodity-a raw stock exchange, wrote Tokarev Artemyev. But this is a framework document, so that its termination does not prevent the further work of the Ministry and Transneft, said Makhonin.

“We believe the position of “Transneft” unexamined, unreasonable and not in the interests of state policy in the field of antitrust law and the development of pipeline transport”, — concluded the official.