The foreign Ministry accused the US and NATO policy of “containment” of Russia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia said that the United States does not fully fulfil the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe (CFE), which Russia withdrew two years ago. Review of the Russian foreign Ministry published on the official website.

Western countries only “verbally” Express the commitment to strengthen conventional arms control in Europe”, said the Russian foreign Ministry. “The United States and NATO, in fact, in recent years, again took the policy of “containment” of Russia” and further change the balance of power in Europe in its favor, including in the vicinity of Russian borders”, — stated in the message.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs, in particular, stated that the United States “flexibly” interpret the provisions of the act of the Russia — NATO major combat forces, with increasing volumes “of heavy weapons and military equipment in the parts and in European warehouses forward-based NATO”.

Russia has completely refused to participate in the Joint consultative group (JCG) of the CFE Treaty in March 2015. The foreign Ministry then declared that participation of Russia in the JCG “is meaningless from a political and practical points,” and meetings of JCG are reduced to “reading agenda”.

The state Department considered suspending Russia’s participation in the CFE Treaty violation, according to the foreign Ministry website. Moscow has proposed to renew the Treaty “on the principles of equal and indivisible security, balance the rights and obligations of the parties.” Now, however, the prospects for the development of a new Treaty on arms control in Europe should be considered in the context of the refusal of NATO “from the measures of military “containment” of Russia in Europe, normalization of relations with Russia, including in the sphere of military cooperation,” said the foreign Ministry.

The Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe was signed in Paris on 19 November 1990 and entered into force on 9 November 1992. The participants were six Warsaw Pact countries (including the USSR) and 16 NATO countries. The CFE Treaty allowed the signatories to the agreement, an equal number of conventional weapons and military equipment, were also established limits on the presence of armed forces in the area of the contract. He covered the territory from the Atlantic ocean to the Ural mountains.