The head of OMV, Putin invited to the “Golden wedding” of the company “Gazprom”

The head of Austrian oil and gas group OMV Rainer Seele met in the Kremlin with Russian President Vladimir Putin and invited him for the celebrations dedicated to the 50th anniversary of cooperation OMV and Gazprom, which is called the “Golden wedding”, reports TASS.

“50 years after the conclusion of our marriage all the more surprising that our company and “Gazprom” are still so much in love with each other that we want even more to buy gas from “Gazprom”, — said Seele.

In turn, the Russian head of state expressed hope that relations with the OMV will be strengthened. “Now we have a contract valid until 2028. But Austria is not only a significant consumer of our gas, but also major transit countries, Austria has become the world’s largest hub, such a thing as Baumgarten, known throughout the world”, — Putin said.

Baumgarten — Vienna’s first district, where is located a gas distribution center. It arose after 1968, OMV signed a long-term contract for the supply of gas from the USSR to Europe.

In December of last year “Gazprom” and OMV signed an agreement on exchange of assets. According to him, the Russian company received a share in the Norwegian North sea, and the Austrian company — 24,98% in the project for developing sections 4A and 5A Achimov deposits of the Urengoy field “Gazprom”. The signing of the final documents is expected in the middle of this year.