Tillerson called the military way is a possible way of solving the problem of North Korea

The US government cannot stand by and watch the growth of the threat from North Korea and do not exclude the possibility of military intervention, he said, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council, US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

“Every successful [nuclear] explosion and missile test of the DPRK in northeast Asia and the world in General become closer to instability and large-scale conflict. The threat of nuclear attack by North Korea on Seoul and Tokyo already real. Only a matter of time before North Korea will have the capacity to strike at US,” said Tillerson.

The head of state called upon all States to exert pressure on Pyongyang by suspending diplomatic relations with the DPRK or decreasing their level, and threatened not hesitate to impose sanctions against foreign companies and individuals that support the implementation of the North Korean nuclear program. While Tillerson did not rule out a military solution to the problem.

“Measures of a diplomatic and financial pressure will be supported by the willingness to counteract the aggression of North Korea with military force, if necessary, the state Secretary said. — The stock should remain possible response to future provocations.”

On the eve on the website of the US state Department issued a joint statement Tillerson, Minister of defense James Mattis and the Director of national intelligence Dan Coates that the United States intend to strengthen sanctions against North Korea, to Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program.

“Past efforts have failed to stop the program North Korea’s test of a nuclear ballistic missiles. With each provocation, the DPRK threatens the stability in northeast Asia and is a growing threat to our allies and to the U.S.,” the document reads.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula have lately escalated on the background of the military exercises conducted by the US military and South Korea on the one hand, and army of the DPRK on the other. The emergence in the region of US aircraft carrier groups North Korea responded with threats of a preemptive strike against enemy bases in South Korea and Japan.