Trump stated the absence in Korea of respect for China and its leader

According to the President of the United States Donald trump, North Korea openly showed disrespect to the wishes of China and its leader XI took XI’s. About this trump wrote in his Twitter.

“North Korea reacted without respect to the wishes of China and its respected President [XI Jinping] when it has launched, albeit unsuccessful, missile. Bad!” — wrote the President of the United States. Earlier, the trump called the Chinese leader a friend, adding that XI Jinping him “love”.

After personal talks trump and XI Jinping Deputy adviser to the us leader’s national security Kathleen Mcfarland stated that the United States failed to convince Beijing to the unattractiveness of North Korea for cooperation. “President trump was able to convey to the President of China that North Korea is no longer an asset. North Korea is a nuisance, a burden and a threat not only to US, not only for South Korea, not only for Japan, not only for Russia but also for China,” she said, commenting on the last 6-7 April meeting of the two leaders in trump’s estate in Florida.

At the same time in Beijing said that the US overestimate the influence China’s policy on North Korea. Sources told Reuters that the White house decided to hold against the DPRK policy of “maximum pressure” when interacting with other countries instead of military action. The focus should be on China, which, according to the plans of Washington can persuade the DPRK to abandon its missile tests.

Which strategy to chose the trump in relations with North Korea

On the eve of the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the army of the DPRK April 25, when Pyongyang is expected next steps, including nuclear tests, in the party edition of China, “huanqiu shibao” published an article with a warning to North Korea. It said that North Korea does not listen to warnings from Beijing. The possibility of China’s influence on North Korea called “exhaustible” despite the conviction of the President of the United States that “if China wants, it will solve the nuclear problem of North Korea”.

While Beijing has promised that it will agree to very strict international sanctions, including a significant reduction in oil supplies, if North Korea decides to conduct a nuclear test. In the end, the army of North Korea celebrated the exercises with the massive use of artillery.

The U.S. has repeatedly said how about the end of the period of “strategic patience” toward North Korea and the readiness to use force. At the same time, the President trump has expressed hope for a peaceful solution to the conflict. North Korea also has repeatedly made strong statements threatening to launch a nuclear strike on the United States, Australia, and destroy the being from its shores the us aircraft carrier.

China’s foreign Ministry urged not to use force to resolve the Korean problem on the Peninsula and promised that China will not allow “war and chaos” on the Peninsula.

Previous missile tests have also proved unsuccessful, North Korea conducted the day after the military parade in honor of the 105th anniversary since the birth of the founder of the state Kim Il sung.