Volkswagen is going to resume production of Audi in Russia

Moscow. April 27. German carmaker Volkswagen intends to resume production of Audi cars in Russia, hopes to conclude spetsinvestproject, said in an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti” head of the Russian division of the company “Volkswagen group Rus” Marcus osegowitsch.

“We are considering various options produced by Audi. When we have the concept of the production, I hope to get the same conditions from the government, which are provided by Daimler. Our Audi cars assembled in Kaluga, there are no more certificates that they are produced in Russia, because the rules are tightened from the beginning of 2017 and we can’t sell them to government – only corporate and private clients. But Mercedes-Benz such securities will receive, so we need to understand how to behave,” – said a top Manager, noting that once the company approves the plans, will negotiate with the government and ask for the same conditions. “But while early to speak about it”, he added.

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German carmaker Daimler in February signed an investment contract for the construction of the Mercedes-Benz factory in the suburbs. The contract involves the creation of a full production cycle for the production of sedans E-class and SUVs, including the localization of welding, painting, Assembly of vehicles, as well as performing chain logistics operations. Investment will amount to at least 15 billion rubles. The term Spica – 9 years, the launch of production is planned for 2019, the production capacity of the factory will amount to “more than 20 thousand cars a year.”

In turn, Osegowitsch expressed surprise step Daimler. “I’m surprised by the complete cycle of production of Mercedes-Benz. I think we need to agree on what we mean by a full cycle production. According to the decree on industrial Assembly it refers to the stamping, welding, painting and Assembly. Plus the plant on production of engines. As I said, it is necessary to produce 150 thousand engines to the plant off. Stamping also needs to be a certain scale,” he said, acknowledging that with the Audi, these figures are unattainable.

“This volume in Russia we can not produce. And I’d really like to see if Mercedes-Benz invited me to the opening ceremony of the factory that they produced on a full cycle. In any case, the move on their part interesting,” he said.

Volkswagen produces cars in Russia at two production sites in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod.

On the “Gas” since 2011, organized the full cycle production of Skoda Yeti, Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Octavia.

Volkswagen plant in Kaluga produce the Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Rapid, its maximum capacity is 225 thousand cars per year. There is also a plant to produce petrol engines 1.6 MPI series EA211.