On Board the crashed plane in Cuba of the An-26 were military

Cuba was wrecked the Cuban military aircraft on Board were eight soldiers, all of them died, the Associated Press reports, citing a source familiar with the situation. The same reports Reuters, citing Cuban state news Agency ACN that issued a statement of the Ministry of the revolutionary armed forces of Cuba.

It transpires that the plane An-26 took off at 6:38 am (13:38 GMT) from Playa Baracoa, not far from Havana, crashed into a mountain in the district of Loma de La Pimenta. “Eight soldiers on Board, including crew, died”, — stated in the Ministry statement. The report also says that the Commission of the Ministry began to investigate the causes of the disaster.

According to the source AP, the Cuban military aircraft crashed in the Western province of Artemisa. The source said that the plane belonged to the airline Aerogaviota, run by the Cuban military and serving Cuban government agencies. These include the national tourism company and the Cuban oil company.

Airline Aerogaviota confirmed the crash of his plane, without disclosing details.

The Park includes Aerogaviota an-26, which accommodate up to 39 people, and launches French-made ATR-42 capacity of 50 persons.

Earlier, Cuban media reported on the crash in Cuba passenger plane An-26. It was reported that the plane belonged to airline Aerogaviota and made a flight from the airport Baracoa in the East of the country.

About the possible reasons of wreck of An-26, until no information.