The Minister for Brexit called the upcoming negotiations with the EU “the most difficult in life”

The Minister for British exit from the European Union David Davies released a statement in which he described future negotiations on Britain leaving the block. About it reports Reuters. Statement Davis followed the summit of EU in Brussels, where the leaders of the bloc invited the British to get rid of “illusions”.

“The positions of both sides is clear — we want these negotiations in good faith, sincere cooperation and to create close partnerships between the UK and the EU,” Davis said. At the same time, he noted that, “without a doubt, these negotiations are the most complex with which the United Kingdom faced at the time of our lives”. Davis added that the negotiations will be “tough and sometimes conflict”.

Earlier on Saturday, April 29, at the EU summit in Brussels, European Council President Donald Tusk criticized the position of British Ministers for Brexit that claim to be able to make with the Brussels agreement on trade. According to Tusk, the legal complexities of the agreement requires a long discussion, the Agency said.

In addition, a similar statement was made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I sometimes think that some people in Britain do not want to say that the government do not always understand that first comes the output stage, then the stage of negotiations on future relations,” she said, adding that Britain has “illusions” about quick negotiations.

Britain also have to pay the EU a significant amount of financial commitments, said the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, reports Bloomberg. According to him, “the check can be from $44 billion to 64 billion.”

Why the UK Prime Minister called for early elections

UK June 8 will hold elections to the Parliament. Stable Parliament and strong government is needed to complete the process of a British exit from the European Union, stated Prime Minister Theresa may.

May start a formal procedure to withdraw Britain from the European Union on 29 March. The process blows about the conditions of release is two years. The Prime Minister noted that “the impact of the country on the European economy and politics will be reduced”, but the purpose of Brexit — the creation of a “global Britain”, equal partnership with various governments and associations in the world.