Trump Jr. called the main successes of his father in the international arena

The US President’s son Donald trump Jr. said the main achievements of his father in the international arena airstrike on a base of government forces in Syria fighting with the Islamic state (the terrorist organization recognized as banned in Russia) and opposition to the threat from North Korea. This opinion trump Jr. stated in his column, published on the website of Fox News channel and is dedicated to the first hundred days of the presidency of his father.

“And our allies, and our enemies remember what the American resolve. We know from the last administration [of Barack Obama] that when you have the red line, and then do nothing when it is crossed, the opponents in the international arena tend to occupy the vacuum, undermining the position of the United States and our allies. That’s what it was before, but now it’s over,” writes trump Jr.

From populism to pragmatism: what’s in 100 days changed to Donald trump

“As commander in chief my father has taken decisive action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after he used chemical weapons against his own people,” he said. “America is fighting with ISIS everywhere — from the caves of Afghanistan to Mosul. Finally, the United States has been coming from North Korea threat,” lists the achievements of his father on the world stage trump Jr.

Among other merits of his father he called “restoring confidence in the American economy.” Overall, according to trump Jr., with the arrival of his father to the White house began the “rebirth of America”.

On the eve of the end of the first hundred days of presidency, trump summed up the White house. Among the merits of the President in the field of national security, the administration noted “the isolation of Syria and Russia in the UN”.