Turkey was a new wave of mass layoffs of civil servants

In Turkey on Saturday, April 29, was fired 3 thousand 900 people who occupied positions in government agencies and the armed forces of the country. As reported by Reuters, this new wave of mass layoffs of civil servants in Turkey, which was after held a referendum on expanding the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to the presidential decree, the dismissal of these people have become their “suspected links to terrorist organizations and structures that represent a threat to national security.”

A dismissal were, in particular, prison guards, officials, teachers, employees of the office for religious Affairs, as well as 1200 troops, including 600 officers.

The first wave of massive layoffs followed an attempted coup in the country that occurred last summer. In total, the background of the events to date from their posts were dismissed or suspended for 120 thousand people, more than 40 thousand have been arrested.

Dissent doesn’t count: how Erdogan will behave after the referendum

In mid-April, Turkey held a referendum in which citizens voted in favor of expanding presidential powers. In particular, the President gets the opportunity to dissolve Parliament, to appoint the government and to nominate candidates for the posts of judges. In addition, the President may declare a state of emergency.

The day before, April 29, the Turkish authorities have blocked access to the online encyclopedia “Wikipedia” in all areas of the country. The Ministry of transport, shipping and communications of Turkey later said that blocking access to the online encyclopedia associated with failure of the resource to delete posts about Ankara’s ties to terrorist organizations.