Macron warned about the possibility of France’s withdrawal from the EU

You must carry out a radical reform of the European Union, or the organization may be faced with the prospects of the secession of France. This statement was made by the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel macron, transmits Bi-bi-si.

Macron stressed that during the election campaign championed the Pro-European views. According to him, the country’s membership in the EU is extremely important for citizens of France. At the same time Paris must “to listen to people, hear what they are today is extremely evil, they have run out of patience,” said macron. For this reason, he considers his possible presidency as a mandate to reform the European project. If the EU institutions will continue to function the same way as until now, it would be “a betrayal,” said macron.

“And I don’t want to admit it. Because the next day we happen Frexit or are we again going to happen “national front” [marine Le Pen]”, — quotes bi-Bi-si words of the candidate.

Emmanuel macron, a former Minister of economy, industry and digital Affairs of France, heads the party of “Forward!”. He advocates the development of the country in the framework of the European project in contrast to marine Le Pen, the candidate of the “National front”. She adheres to nationalist views and was in favour of withdrawal from EU and NATO, as well as for the introduction of border control. Failed Le Pen considers the project of the single European currency. On April 30 she called the Euro a burden for France.

The first round of presidential elections in France took place on 23 April, according to the results of the Makron received about 24%, Le Pen is about 22% of the vote. The second round is scheduled for may 7.