“Rosbalt” has learned the details of getting Zakharchenko more than 8 billion rubles in cash

Colonel of the interior Ministry of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko, who led the management “T” of the anti-corruption Central Board of police, who was arrested on suspicion of corruption, received in cash $120 million and €2 million through the “ordering” of two Russian banks. About it writes “Rosbalt”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, to track the movement of money made possible by the packaging, which was sealed at $200 thousand each briquette stood code and print the fed. American regulator the Bank of Russia said that the funds ordered two Russian banks, whose names are not specified. The source States that these financial organizations associated with the group of businessmen, under the control of whom were contractors RZD and subsidiaries of the transport monopoly, by which they “have received billions of rubles.”

Later the funds mentioned structures were partially cashed. According to investigators, discovered Zakharchenko currency — “share” the Colonel and his “younger” colleagues from the interior Ministry for the protection of these firms. The Colonel returned parts and issued on a controlled Zakharchenko individuals deposits in banks.

After Zakharchenko learned about the interest in him by the Federal security service (FSB), Colonel decided to remove all the deposits and transfer them to Switzerland. However, for some time he placed the money in the apartment of his sister.

Dmitry Zakharchenko was arrested in September 2016. During the search he found and withdrew more than $120 million and €2 million, and the total size of funds amounted to more than RUR 8.5 billion for law enforcement officers accused him of receiving a bribe, abuse of office and obstruction of the preliminary investigation. Later, in March, the Colonel was suspected of receiving two bribes. New business was merged with the main one.

In September “the New newspaper” reported on the links Zakharchenko with a certain group that monopolized the contracts of the Railways. The lawyer of the arrested Colonel denied this information.