The author of the plan of lease of the Crimea called “leak” a word about the deprivation of his citizenship

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Radical party Andrei Artemenko commented on the statement by Deputy Oleg Lyashko that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree depriving of his citizenship. About it reports “112 Ukraine”.

“I don’t know anything about this decree,” said Artemenko, adding that he had directed Deputy inquiry to the presidential administration of Ukraine, in order to “understand the official position of the President.” “The main issue — the President signed this decree or not, violated the Constitution of Ukraine or not,” said Artemenko, explaining that “a citizen may terminate the citizenship of Ukraine only at own will”.

The Deputy noted that the decision to deprive him of Ukrainian citizenship because the canadian passport is not justified, as it annulled a canadian passport in 2014.

In addition, according to Artemenko, the information that the presidential administration of Ukraine worked on the cancellation of his citizenship, “fake”.

“If you remember, four or five days ago there appeared information that the alleged migration service, and then the citizenship Commission of the presidential administration voted and made a decision to appeal to the President of depriving me of citizenship of Ukraine. As it turned out after two or three hours of searching, no the fee was not. It’s all fake, which throws some of my colleagues”, — he declared, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

Earlier the head of fraction of Radical party Oleg Lyashko said on his Facebook that Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on the termination of citizenship Artemenko. Lyashko said that the Ukrainian President’s decision is motivated by “voluntary acquisition [Artemenko. — ] in 2005, the citizenship of Canada”.

“Now we will demand that the Parliament at the first plenary meeting, on 16 may ahead of schedule stopped powers as a Deputy Artemenko,” — said Lyashko.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Andriy Artemenko became known after the New York Times published the details of his “peace plan for Ukraine and Russia”. According to the publication, the plan was transferred to the former US presidential Advisor Donald trump on national security, Michael Flynn a week before his resignation.

He Artemenko later clarified that the first paragraph of his plan for a nationwide referendum on the transfer of Crimea is leased by Russia for 30-50 years, and the second the return of the Donbass in the Ukraine.

After Artemenko has publicly voiced the idea of his plan, against it criminal case under part 1 article 111 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (high treason). The MP was also expelled from the faction of the Radical party.

Artemenko said the “112 Ukraine” that is currently in Vienna, where he develops initiatives “to search for new opportunities, or the continuation of the Minsk process, or to search other sites to find consensus on actually the Ukrainian-Russian war.”