The NYT found out about taken by surprise by the state Department after inviting Duterte in USA

The state Department and the national security Council, the U.S. was caught off guard, after us President Donald trump has invited the head of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte to visit the White house. It is reported by The New York Times, citing two senior officials.

According to them, in the President’s administration is now suggesting that it will fall a storm of criticism by human rights organizations due to this decision of trump. The sources also said they expected from the departments of objections in private about this move by the President.

According to human rights activists, it is not clear whether to grant Duterte a visa to visit the USA, given the accusations against him.

“Endorsing the bloody battle against the drug Duterte, trump in moral terms becomes an accomplice to the subsequent murders. Trump should be ashamed, although it is impossible, given the traits of his character,” — said the Director of the Asian division of Human Rights Watch John Sifton.

Telephone conversation between us President with his Philippine counterpart took place on 30 April. In a press-service of the White house stated that “trump is very friendly and talked to Duterte”. Then the representative of the administration said that the US President invited his Philippine counterpart to visit Washington. During the conversation the parties discussed the struggle of authorities of the Philippines “for the deliverance of the Republic from drugs”, reported the White house.

Taking his post in June last year, Duterte initiated the campaign against drug traffickers throughout the country. During her police and groups of volunteers received the right to kill suspected drug dealers without a trial. Reuters wrote that the victims of such drug in the Philippines were more than 6 thousand people.

Methods Duterte repeatedly criticized in the UN, human rights activists and former President Barack Obama. However, the President has not refused such a way to reduce the drug trade. He admitted that when he held the post of mayor of Davao city, “personally” killed the suspects in drug trafficking.

In December last year, Duterte said that trump invited him to the White house. The head of the Philippines expressed positive views about the current American President, calling it a “pragmatic thinker.”