Tony Blair has expressed the desire to return to politics because of Brexit

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the country’s withdrawal from the European Union urges him to return to politics. He told this in an interview with The Daily Mirror.

“Brexit has become for me a direct motivation to more actively engage in politics. Need to do this job, and I’m going to do it,” he said.

According to Blair, it’s going to take an active part in the organization of political debates. The former Prime Minister said that will not leave a job in a charity Fund to again become a member of the British Parliament.

“I don’t want to be in a situation when we are in the moment, and I said nothing. This would mean that I don’t care about this country, and it’s not,” says the former Prime Minister.

Blair is confident that the British can change your mind to leave the EU, when you see the position of the end of the transaction for Brexit.

In early March, The Mail on Sunday, citing sources wrote that Blair is in Washington participated in the secret negotiations during which he discussed his work in command of the American President Donald trump. Among the positions proposed by the former Prime Minister, according to the newspaper, a peace envoy in the middle East. Press Secretary of the former Prime Minister at first refused to comment on these data, and then called them “fiction”.

And although Blair has no right to hold official positions in the White house, trump could appoint him as his assistant, given the political experience of former Prime Minister. He was previously envoy to the middle East Quartet, which includes the EU, USA, Russia and the UN.

In mid-March Blair announced the creation of the Institute of global changes to combat the “frightening authoritarian populism.” In his opinion, it knocks the West country from the democratic path. He explained that among the objectives of the Institute training politicians how to deal with opponents of globalization and how to rebuild a centrist political movement. At the same time, in an interview with The Guardian, Blair stated that he is not coming into politics.