FAS opened administrative case for “Apple Rus” for coordinating prices on iPhone

Moscow. April 27. The Federal Antimonopoly service initiated an administrative case against the Russian “daughter” Apple, LLC “Apple Rus”, said the Minister. Earlier FAS found the company violated antitrust law in part of illicit coordination of prices on the iPhone 5 and 6 generations.

As reported by the then Deputy head of the FAS Andrey tsarikovskiy, within a few months the Agency will decide on the penalty for the company. “Fine, I guess, but, as you know, antitrust administrative case and two different cases will be considered the administrative case,” Tsarikovsky said.

For the coordination of economic activities “eppl Rus” could face a fine from 1 to 5 million rubles.

The FAS initiated a case against the company “eppl Rus”, Apple Holding B. V., Apple Sales Ireland Apple Operations International, Apple Inc. in August last year. The Agency has detected signs of coordination of pricing for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in the networks of at least 16 Russian retailers and distributors.

Previously, the investigation FAS revealed that from the beginning of official sales of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in Russia the majority of Resellers established for them the same prices and kept them for some time. In addition, the service established the convergence of retailers and prices for other models of smartphones Apple. Such coincidences may be the result of coordination of the pricing of Russian Resellers, the company Apple, which led to the establishment of prices on the Russian market and the adoption of the so-called “recommended” prices, as required, says the FAS.

Apple itself had previously denied the charge of the FAS, saying that Resellers set their own prices for the products of the American manufacturer.

The global Apple worked closely with the FAS, providing the necessary materials, and in the course of the proceedings have taken action to address coordination, iPhone price, said earlier in the FAS.