HRW reported the origin of the Soviet bombs with sarin in Syria

HRW have published new data on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. In particular, the authors try to refute the statements of Moscow and Damascus that the cause of death of 92 people from sarin poisoning in Idlib province could be hit by a bomb in a warehouse with toxic substances.

The article States that photos and videos taken in Khan Sheyhun, indicate that there were allegedly used bombs of Soviet production, which are specially created to deliver the sarin. We are talking about bombs KHAB-250 or KHAB-500. On the ruins from the province of Idlib, the human rights organization, a visible green marking, which was applied in this ammunition.

Similar to the HUB 250 and other bomb parts, discovered by local residents in the funnel.

HRW also claims that from December 2016 the Syrian army at least four times used bombs with toxic substances, gases sprayed from helicopters.

A retired Colonel, head of analytical Department of the magazine “Soldiers of Russia” Anatoly Matviychuk said that the bombs KHAB-250 and KHAB-500 really was in the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries, but the Soviet Union, they have long been destroyed. However, he noted, the corps of ordnance could be preserved.

“Pick up these hulls could any intelligence, and marking will tell you that it was a Soviet weapon. Take this case from the bombs they could, the Bulgarians, the poles, or even our brothers Ukrainians”, — said Matviychuk.

According to the military version of the attack with chemical bombs in Syria is untenable, because such ammunition does not leave behind considerable damage. “It is nothing like an ordinary liquid tank. This is not the munition destruction. It inertia can make a funnel for 20-30 cm And then showed a funnel, as by mortar fire,” — he explained.

Deputy Director of the Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin said that if Syria was indeed used bombs, “the affected would be many times more.” “Doubt then no it was not, and no one would have discussed, provocation or the truth,” he said.

A chemical attack in Idlib province has become a pretext for a missile attack U.S. airfield in HOMS province. The object was released 59 cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, of which up to the airfield, according to the Ministry of defense of Russia, reached 23. In turn, the Pentagon reported that the goal is not reached only one missile..

Russia has said several times about the inconsistencies in the messages about the responsibility of Damascus for the chemical attack in Idlib province. In a statement the Russian foreign Ministry on 27 April indicated that a real opportunity to establish the truth in this matter — that of the mission of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons.