Microsoft has unveiled a new notebook Surface Laptop

Microsoft has introduced at the presentation in new York new notebook Surface Laptop. The ceremony was broadcast on the official website of the company.

The laptop got a 13.5 inch PixelSense touch screen with a resolution of a 3.4 MP and the Intel Core i5 or i7 (depending on configuration). The Surface weight of the Laptop is around 1.3 kg and a thickness of 9.9–mm. for 14.47 Microsoft Developers emphasize that the notebook is equipped with subtle touch LCD monitor. The device will be produced in four colors: platinum, gold graphite, cobalt blue and wine.


According to Microsoft, the operating time of the laptop from the battery up to 14.5 hours. “When the time comes to relax, you will be able to watch 14 episodes of your favorite TV show without attaching the laptop to the mains”, — they assure.

Surface Laptop will go on sale on 15 June, the price starts at $999. In several European countries, USA and Australia, the laptop is already available for pre-order.

Surface Laptop will run on the new operating system Windows 10S, which presentation also took place on Tuesday, may 2. As noted by Mashable, the system is a lightweight version of Windows 10, which is primarily designed for students, teachers and administrators who do not have time once again to worry about installing updates.

The Verge calls the Surface Laptop by Microsoft’s response to chromebook, which Google releases under the operating system Chrome.

Microsoft releases a few devices under the Surface brand: Surface to Sufrace Pro, a hybrid laptop and tablet the Surface Book, monoblock Surface Studio and smart-screen Surface Hub for offices.