On “Yandex.Music” it was possible to load the tracks

The service “Yandex.Music” today, may 3, users could purchase the ability to download your content and sharing it with other students, said the representative of the company. According to him, a similar model is the social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, YouTube and streaming audioservice Soundcloud.

Your own recordings can be added to the collection, and select whether it is available only for personal listening, or for all users. Tracks from partners “Yandex.Music” will show up in search results higher than uploaded by users.

As noted by the representative of the company, the service is aimed at beginner artists are “not always willing to attend to the registration of the rights on their music and to work with distributors”, but I want to share my creativity. Also, the download content will be useful in case the users can buy individual songs and albums on other services and want to add them to his “Yandex.Music,” the company said.

Now in the directory “Yandex.Music” more than 30 million tracks. Partners of the service are over 50 major copyright holders, including Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal, and aggregators, among which the Orchard, Believe Digital, Tunecore, InGrooves. According to the company, the directory “Yandex.Music” is about 85% of all music requests, that is, “almost all music that is interesting to people.” According to TNS in March 2017, the monthly audience of service is 8.9 million users.

Innovation has a negative view of rights holders, according to “Vedomosti”. “Yandex” did not coordinate this innovation with the rights holders, we are categorically against, — said the CEO of Warner Music Russia Alexander Blinov. Unfortunately, “Yandex” gets in the way of mass violations of copyright and related rights and the transfer of responsibility to the user, while other companies realize the futility of such actions and transformyour their musical services.”

According to another interlocutor of the newspaper, copyright owners will need to monitor, you do not break their rights.

“As before, we enforce the interests of rights holders, so if the listener downloads the track, the rights to which are owned by partners “Yandex.Music” for his audition there will be assignments to copyright holders,” said a company representative. According to him, the recognition technology can distinguish the track, even if it was uploaded in bad quality and with a different signature.

System content recognition technology is similar to Content ID, used YouTube, says the representative of “Yandex”. Technology scans audio files and creates a unique fingerprint of each sound track. This is to ensure that when a user downloads the file, the system could compare it with the current database of fingerprints. If it turns out that this track is already in the catalog, it will be included in the report to holders (and recorded the number of times listened). A database of fingerprints is updated in real time.

At the end of April “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” owned Mail.Ru Group, introduced the model of paid subscription for music listening. Free preview tracks can now only listen to advertising.