The FBI Director called the main threat to Russia among all countries of the world

The Russian authorities still continue to influence us policy, although investigation of possible interference of the Kremlin in presidential elections in the United States is still going and the results yet unknown. On Wednesday, may 3, said FBI Director James Comey, speaking at a meeting of the legal Committee of the U.S. Senate.

“Given its intentions and its capabilities, Russia now represents the greatest threat among all the States on earth,” continued Comey. According to him, Russia may choose to use a hacking attack to influence the election “because the presidential election of 2016, they realized that it works.”

That Moscow considered their actions successful and will continue to adhere to such tactics before, and warned the former Director of National intelligence James clapper. “The goal was to sow discord and mistrust in our electoral system, and it largely succeeded,” he said. Still in March, Clapper in an interview with ABC stressed that concrete evidence in favor of the version about arrangement of the members of the new administration with Moscow was not — at least at the time of the inauguration of Donald trump on January 20.

As noted at the Senate meeting, Comey, the two main reasons why the Kremlin during the race preferred trump: “He is not Hillary Clinton, and it would be possible to negotiate like a businessman.” At this point, the investigation goes on, and Komi, according to him, regularly reports to the Deputy Minister of justice Rod Rosenstein about the investigation. “I no longer intend to make any noise about this case until we are finished”, — summed up the Komi.

The FBI Director also said that the investigation into the possible influence of Russia on the election process began in July 2016, and in August he intended to talk about this publicly, but officials of Obama administration told him not to.

In General, according to Director of the FBI, Russia still has an impact on American policy, and the introduction of Moscow in the public discourse of States he considers it “very likely”. In addition, answering quick-fire questions of the senators, Komi stressed that Russia “is not unusual practice of blackmailing politicians.” However, the direct influence of Moscow on the counting of votes, he categorically ruled out.

In addition, the Komi Republic for the first time commented on his decision to publish information on re-testing against Clinton a few days before the election. According to him, when, on 28 October, his investigators found new letters related to the case of the correspondence of Clinton, he was faced with a choice “between bad and catastrophic,” and in the end did not dare to go for concealment, choosing the “lesser evil”.

On the same day of Komi has sent to U.S. congressmen a letter about the need to resume testing in relation to newly emerging evidence. Clinton herself has repeatedly stated that the decision of the Director of the FBI had a negative impact on its rating and was one of the reasons for the election defeat on 8 November. The last time the former presidential candidate said this on may 2: “If elections were held on October 27, I would now be your President.”

Before the speech in the Senate judiciary Committee March 20, Komi answered questions in the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives. Then he also talked about the personal animosity of the Russian President to candidate Clinton and would prefer to deal with businessman trump. Russia, according to Komi, though, and is an enemy of the United States, traditionally interested in, to understand the future political course of Washington.