The media learned about the disappearance of the cashier of the Bank “Peresvet” 5 billion rubles before the crash

On the eve of the collapse of the Bank “Peresvet”, in relation to which the Central Bank decided to start the procedure of financial recovery, from the cash credit institutions lost about 5 billion rubles. About it write on Wednesday “Vedomosti” with reference to the creditor’s Bank and the financier, the knower from the staff of the Central Bank.

According to interlocutors of publication, the loss was revealed once in October 2016 in the Bank came to a temporary administration. In particular, it was found that from the cash “Peresvet” went missing about 780 million rubles, approximately $50 million and €25 million (at exchange rates of the Central Bank is RUB 5.6 billion), the newspaper writes.

One of the interlocutors of the newspaper said that the money from the cash register issued under receipts and under report, however, the Bank did not return. In particular, the temporary administration found documents on the issuance of money. However, to establish who were given the funds failed because the documents were not signed. According to the tellers, the money was given “parole”, said the interlocutors.

The edition with reference to the opinion of the auditor of the Bank, the company “Development business systems” (RBS), points out that “shortage of cash” was reflected in the Bank statements for 1 January. While the divisions of internal control and risk management “Peresvet” there is no unequivocal evaluation, as there was this shortage. How many have lost money from the cash register, the Bank also did not disclose.

Problems with “Peresvet”, which was part of the top 50 banks by assets, began in the fall of last year. In September, for the first time about the unstable situation of the Bank said the rating Agency Fitch. The Agency then pointed out that the Bank actively credits the company with no signs of real activity. After the statement by Fitch, the Bank has restricted the issuance of citizens ‘ deposits amount to 100 thousand rubles, or $1.5 thousand in foreign currency.

21 October 2016, the Central Bank imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of creditors “Peresvet”, the Bank appointed a temporary administration and began to assess the prospects for rescue of the Bank. On April 19 this year, the Central Bank announced the decision to sanitize “Peresvet” with the use of the mechanism of bail-in. This means that to participate in the rescue by own means will not only regulator, but also large (with claims against the Bank from RUB 500 million) creditors “Peresvet”, as well as its shareholders holding in the Bank their money.