WSJ learned about business links-in-law trump with Soros

Son-in-law of U.S. President Donald trump and his senior Advisor Jared Kushner was a business partner of several billionaires, including one of the major sponsors of the Democratic party by George Soros according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing informed sources.

According to the newspaper, Kouchner is one of the founders and owners working in the real estate company RealCadre LLC (operates under the brand Cadre).

Among the investors are Cadre based, with the participation of Kouchner in 2014, is the main supporter of trump in Silicon valley, Peter Thiel, however, the WSJ was able to identify a company’s communication with other prominent businessmen, including George Soros, who in the course of the election campaign of 2016 supported including multi-million dollar donations to Hillary Clinton and criticized her Republican opponent.

According to WSJ sources, the company that manages the assets of the family of George Soros, the Cadre line of credit totaling $250 million, and also entered into number of investors of the company. Close to the company Soros the man explained that the investment in Cadre was placed at the beginning of 2015, that is before Donald trump announced his intention to run for President of the United States.

According to the Service regulation of the financial services industry (FINRA — Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), Kouchner remains one of the owners Cadre and has the ability to influence the management of the company. Of the latter is represented in the FINRA report shows that controlled-in-law trump company JCK Cadre LLC owns shares in the amount of from 25 to 50% of the company Quadro Partners Inc., which in turn at least 75% owned by Cadre.

Submitted after assuming the position of senior Advisor to the President of the United States returns its involvement in Cadre Kushner did not disclose. However, his lawyer Jamie Gorelik explained to the WSJ that mentioned in the declarations owned by the son-in-law trump company BFPS Ventures LLC, the controlling stake in Cadre. Among the assets BFPS Ventures in the Declaration listed real estate in new York worth more than $50 million, it is emphasized that the assets which are associated with the possibility of conflict, “were alienated”.

The head of the Cadre Ryan Williams, a longtime friend of Kouchner and former employee of the company Kushner Cos., the WSJ reported that since the inauguration of the trump Kushner is not involved in the management of the company. Currently, work is under way to update submitted to the regulators reports.

According to Gorelik, Kushner has reduced its stake in Cadre less than 25%, and in the updated version of the Declaration to be issued after coordination with the Supervisory authorities, the data on which it is planned to specify. The lawyer called the “normal” process of amending financial reports and assured that Kushner is valid in accordance with in the power of ethical norms.

Interviewed by WSJ authoritative politicians believe that the data on such assets as a share of Kouchner in the Cadre, subject to disclosure as may indicate a possible threat to its impartiality.

“All that poses a potential threat of conflict of interest, should be disclosed to the public and the press over this issue,” said former Chairman of the Federal election Commission by Republican Trevor Potter.

At the beginning of April 2017 has been published data about the assets the daughter of Donald trump Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, whose total cost was then estimated at $740 million.