French prosecutors opened a case about attack information on the Macron

Prosecutors in France said that she received a complaint from the party of “Forward!” and the candidate in presidents of Emmanuel Macron on distributed social networks is evidence that the macron holds the account in the offshore, according to Reuters. The source in the Ministry told the news Agency that the investigation has already begun. However, officially, the Prosecutor’s office confirmed only the presence of complaints from the headquarters of Macron. It gave no indication of a specific person, said the Prosecutor’s office.

Publication about the offshore accounts of Him appeared on the Internet on Wednesday, may 3, shortly before the televised debates between him and marine Le Pen. During the discussion about these accounts mentioned herself the candidate of the nationalists. Makron information on the accounts denied and accused his rival in spreading rumours to discredit him.

“This is Le Pen. It raised an Internet army,” said macron.

Commenting on the incident on Thursday, may 4, macron said that supporters of the National front, spreading false information, and they “in a number of cases related to the interests of Russia.”

In turn, marine Le Pen said that she had no proof that the Makron owns accounts in offshore.

The representative of Macron noted that the candidate became the target of “a carefully planned attempt of defamation for 48 hours prior to the end of the campaign.” He recalled that the subject of offshore companies were used by Le Pen in debates. “Obviously, all the necessary legal steps are taken, they already made”, — quotes Agency the words of the employee of the Macron.

Prior to this, the website of the party “Forward!” and its candidate repeatedly attacked by hackers. According to the Japanese company TrendMicro, which specializiruetsya in the field of computer security, a resource was committed at least 160 attacks.

The final debate before the second round of presidential elections in France were held on Wednesday, may 3. According to their results, 63% of viewers found the centrist Makron more convincing in favor of the nationalist Le Pen spoke 34% of the audience.

The vote in the second round of presidential elections held on 7 may. In the first round of the macron scored 23,75%, Le Pen — 21,53%.