In fact attacks on Alexei Navalny opened a criminal case

Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on the fact of attack on opposition politician Alexei Navalny, which took place on April 27 in Moscow. About this newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing a Federal official and a source in the investigative bodies.

According to the publication, the proceedings were instituted under article 116 of the criminal code (Assault). It leads management inquiry Main Department of MIA in Moscow. The investigation, specifies the edition, began on April 29. As stressed in a conversation with Vedomosti, an unnamed Federal official, the investigation of the attack on Navalny, as well as a recent attack on an activist of the “Yabloko” Natalia Fedorova and blogger Ilya Varlamov controlled “at the highest level.”

Close to the Kremlin source confirmed the initiation of proceedings on the fact of attack in Bulk a few days ago and the “interest” of the authorities in finding criminals.

The press service of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs stated that it “can neither confirm nor deny” that information.

“I can confirm that the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow examined the validity and legality of the case, the victim which is Bulk. It is recognized as legitimate and justified. The Prosecutor’s office supervises the investigation of this case,” — said the official representative of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office Olena Rassohina.

27 APR Navalny went to the world trade Center to speak at Global Event Forum. Unknown, who was waiting for the policy near the car, splashed Alexei Navalny in the face with green paint. As a result, the politician received a chemical burn of the right eye. As he said on 4 may in the blog currently has only 15% vision in my right eye, it may need a corneal transplant.

Navalny also pointed out that his doctor doubts that cause burns of the eyes were only green. “There is clearly a mixture of green stuff on the other caustic liquid”, — the politician wrote in his blog on may 2.