The exchange rate of the dollar for the first time in a month and a half rose above 58 rubles.

On the Moscow exchange has accelerated the growth of the dollar and the Euro. The dollar for the first time since 22 March 2017 rose above 58 rubles, reaching the maximum level 58,0315 RUB, about 1.1% above level of closing of the previous auction.

A slightly larger increase was shown by the Euro. In the course of trading on 4 may, the Euro on the Moscow exchange for the first time between 14 March 2017 rose above 63 rubles. At the peak of growth the Euro on Thursday and reached the level of 63,406 RUB, approximately 1.4% higher than the close of trading Wednesday.

The weakening of the ruble amid falling oil prices. In the course of trading on the stock exchange ICE cost of a barrel of Brent oil for the first time since March 22, fell below $50. At a minimum the cost of a barrel reached $49,74, which is 2.1% below the closing level of the previous trading session.

“The ruble is slowly winning back the pressure of oil prices, realizing the script to ensure a smooth adjustment after the end of the tax period. Another rush of speculative interest in the ruble is passed, however, the reasons for the profit-taking on carry trade while hard to find, so the ruble remains rather amorphous”, — considers the head of analytical Department of Bank “Zenith” Vladimir Evstifeev.

According to him, “the amorphous state” of the ruble will last, apparently, until then, until the “real chance” to extend the agreement with OPEC next to non cartel countries to reduce oil production.

By 15:45 Moscow time the price of a barrel of Brent crude on the ICE futures exchange was $50,09, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange reached 57,84 Euro — 63,21 RUB.