The government announced that the implementation of the may decrees Putin 91.7%

Out of 180 instructions of President Putin, which needed to be completed by may 2017, the government has performed 165, which amounted to 91.7%. This is stated in the consolidated report of the government published on its official website.

Only President in 11 decrees gave 218 assignments that must be completed in 2012-2020.

“Currently the performance is 53 instructions. This includes orders that are not completed within the originally established deadlines (they set new deadlines or defined periodicity, that is, they are transferred to “continuing” mode)”, — the document says.

The government provided data on the implementation of decrees of the President of the day, which was designated as a joint meeting of the State Council and presidential Commission on monitoring of achievement of target indicators socially-economic development of the country. The Commission was created to oversee the execution of the may decrees. Social control deals with the Russian popular front (onf). On the orders of Putin in March 2014, a mechanism has been established taking into account the views of the popular front for the removal of control of the executed instructions of the President.

During the meeting, Putin noted that the implementation of the may decrees gave new impetus to positive changes in the most sensitive for citizens, but there is still a lot. “Over the years, managed to inject some new momentum for positive change in the most sensitive, important to the lives of citizens in areas such as health, education, culture, housing and communal services”, — said Putin. “Of course, the problems here are still many unresolved issues and more than that managed to do that,” he added. The President also proposed to be encouraged, including financial, welfare and regions successfully cope with the implementation of the may decrees.

The may decrees were signed on may 7, 2012 — the day when Putin took office as President for a third term. They were aimed at improving the economy, health, education, demography, science, foreign policy, public administration and Armed forces.

In the execution of the may decrees was planned to achieve a number of socio-economic indicators such as growth of 1.5% in real wages and labour productivity by 2018, the affordable housing 60% of households by 2020, creating 25 million highly productive jobs, where the salary is above average for the industry, re-equipping the army with advanced weapons by 70%, achieving 20th place in the ranking of the world Bank’s doing business by 2018, increase life expectancy to 74 years by 2018, the increase in investments in fixed capital not less than 27% of GDP.

In may 2016, the government reported on the implementation about 70% of the total number of orders and 88% from the number of orders that had to be done by that time.

However, the activists of the popular front said that in reality the government has performed a lot less assignments, but the majority taken from control orders are not actually executed as it should. Co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front Alexander Brechalov said that in reality the government has fulfilled only 15% of the President’s instructions. “Out of 162 our opinions on government reports about the withdrawal of the relevant instructions from the control, we confirmed the feasibility of removing of control only 24 instructions. The numbers are such: we believe that 24 of the instructions actually executed, the rest in varying degrees, not met,” he said.