The media learned about the United States intercepting Russian Tu-95 and su-35 around Alaska

Two Russian strategic bomber-missile Tu-95 escorted by two su-35 Thursday, may 4, flew to the coast of Alaska. It is reported by Fox News, citing people familiar with officials of the United States.

According to TV channel, military aircraft flew to the coast of Alaska at a distance of 80 km in the area of the settlement, Chariot on the shore of the Chukchi sea. Because of this, the American command decided to raise two American fighter F-22 to escort military planes of Russia.

Interlocutors told Fox News that the Russian planes were not armed and all through the flight remained in international airspace. The channel also indicates that this is the first case when the Russian su-35 fighter jets flew near the American borders.

In late April, Russian bombers four times, flew to the coast of Alaska, last time this happened was April 20, when two American F-22 along with two canadian CF-18 Hornet took off to escort two Tu-95 bombers Russian air force. The Pentagon and the White house then a series of military flights has not caused issues. According to the representative of Command of the North American aerospace defense John Cornelio, anything provocative in these flights there.

According to the Fox News channel, April 18 Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, approached the US border at the closest distance in all the presidency of Donald trump.

In the Russian defense Ministry, commenting on the flights of its military aircraft, said that the bombers were engaged in patrolling the neutral waters of the Pacific ocean along the Aleutian Islands.