The program of renovation of Khrushchev reduced almost twice

The largest number of buildings that can get in the capital a program of renovation of the Soviet Khrushchev, is located in the Eastern administrative district. As follows from the list published on the website of the Moscow mayor’s office are located in 1064 houses. Next comes the South-Eastern administrative district (673 house). Least of all five-storey building which the authorities propose to carry, in the Zelenograd administrative district, with only 34 homes, the demolition of which is potentially possible.

Previously, the city authorities said that the program of demolition of five-story building includes 25 million square metres of five-storey Khrushchev (almost 8 thousand houses) where there live 1.6 million people. With the new stated amount of the demolition (4.5 million homes) renovation programme will be reduced by approximately 44%. City officials predicted that the demolished homes will be built of 35.1 million square metres, with the waiting list, and the volume of required investment was estimated at 3.5 trillion rubles will be Reduced if the requested funding amount and the volume of new housing construction — while the city authorities did not specify.

The reduction in the number of homes that can be included in a program of renovation, is almost twice is enough objective investigation is conducted by officials of the analysis, I’m sure the partner at Cushman & Wakefield Denis Sokolov. “Initially it was clear that to carry 25 million square metres in the next years – impossible task, he said. – Originally named scope is a target, which naturally decreased after a more thorough analysis.” In the long term 20-30 years, the list for renovation can be supplemented with new homes as they wear, the expert added.

At the April meetings of the inhabitants with the Prefecture and the Metropolitan districts it was said that to enable the house to the program of renovation of buildings 100% of residents must approve the plans of city hall. In that case, if the house is not included in the program, it is necessary to collect 80% of the votes of apartment owners.

About the launch of the program of renovation of the housing stock of the capital was announced on 21 February 2017 at a meeting of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, President Vladimir Putin.