Italian winery will register in Russia, the brand Dimon

Italian winery will register in Russia, the brand Dimon

Italian winery ColleMassari filed with Rospatent application for registration of the brand Dimon, which is going to release the wine. About it reports Agency “Moscow” in whose possession the application submitted by the co-owner of the company Maria iris. Referred to in the investigation of Alexei Navalny “you do not Dimon” the winery ColleMassari has nothing to do.

Assistant Manager of the winery Fattoria della Aiola appearing in the investigation of the FBC on the property, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Daria Ivleva suggested that the competitor has decided to profit from the scandal surrounding the Bulk of the investigation. “The boys decided to hurry up. But it’s quite famous Tuscan company”, — she told to the correspondent .

Fattoria della Aiola is also planning to capitalize on the scandal with the investigation of Bulk. “We expect history to turn with benefit to themselves, — says Daria Ivleva. In the end, it’s an honest business, we are not doing anything wrong or illegal. Maybe now we know more about people in Russia, to our guilt, there will be more interest and it will positively affect our future sales in Russia.”

The patent for Dimona

Check the brand on the international classification of goods and services (ICGS) No. 16, 33 and 35 will allow the company ColleMassari to release it under wine and other alcoholic beverages, as well as to advertise.

As has told the lawyer of the interregional Collegium of advocates “KLISHIN and partners” Vladimir Entin, the company can legally enter the market under another brand is not registered. “If you thus do not violate other people’s registered rights or rights to his own name. As for the different kinds of nicknames, it is unguarded objects from the point of view of civil law,” — said the expert . He said that to start another company to apply to Rospatent. “To guarantee that this designation will not be intercepted by others. In this case, the principle: who first filed an application for registration, the application and subject to satisfaction”, — stated the lawyer.

The President of the advertising group RCG Junius Davydov called in conversation with plans Italian ColleMassari winery to produce wine Dimon “boorish, but effective marketing ploy”. “This is a PR reason stuffing information. The goal is to light the parent brand. Used to be bright and politically incorrect brand. I am sure that it was originally conceived as a virtual, that is, its sale is unlikely to run,” he said.

As noted by the President of the advertising group RCG, even if it happens, “the prospects of the brand Dimon zero”. “It will not buy. First, a negative attitude to what makes Bulk. And there is a clear dissonance between slang a boy’s name and expensive Italian wine. It should be a rather cheap product: beer, brew,” he said.

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Tuscan Dimon

ColleMassari the owners — sister and brother Maria iris and Claudio Bertarelli Type — do not have Russian roots. Both natives of Tuscany, in addition to wine, they lead a Foundation dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage of Tuscany and the province of Grosseto. Winery ColleMassasri really one of the most famous in this Italian region. Unlike mentioned in the investigation of Bulk Aiola winery located in the Chianti Classico region, is located in the ColleMassari Bolgheri, a seaside region of southern Tuscany, famous for its expensive wines in the style of does it mean super Tuscans. The wine sector, recognized in 2014 best winery of Italy by the prestigious wine guide Gambero Rosso, for many years, are available in Russian. At retail they cost from 1,5 thousand to 20 thousand rubles.per bottle.

Distributor ColleMassari wine industry in Russia is the company “AST international”, whose principal owner is the family of the former co-owner of Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov. To the question about the plans of Dimon supply of wine to Russia in AST said that “stupidity is not a comment”.

In ColleMassari a written request is not answered, the phone refused to talk.

The same winery

In March 2017 the Fund of struggle against corruption has published the investigation “you do not Dimon”, where it was the residence of Dmitry Medvedev and its related funds, which received 70 billion rubles in donations. It was mentioned and winery Fattoria della Aiola in Tuscany. The authors of the investigation found that Cyprus offshore Furcina Ltd, belonging to the member of the Board of Directors of Gazprom, Medvedev classmate Ilya Eliseev, in June 2012 for $9.9 million acquired 100% of the Italian company Fattoria Della Aiola S. r.l., which owns the eponymous winery, 100 hectares of land and three-storey manor built in the XVI century.

After the transaction the General Director of the Italian company was appointed Sergei stupnitsky, who, according to SPARK, in 2011 was led by another winery from the investigation — “Rocky shore”, is located near Anapa.

Direct evidence that Dmitry Medvedev is the owner of all palaces, estates and vineyards, referred to the FCO, the investigation: the objects decorated by the connected foundations and companies, the beneficiary of some of them is Ilya Yeliseyev, who really went to school with future Prime Minister at the law faculty of Leningrad state University. The memories of teachers and friends of Medvedev, in his student years, he and Elisha were close friends.

The winery itself is here appeared only in 1930-e years: the vineyards on the surrounding hills broke bought the historic farm of an influential politician, Senator Giovanni Malagodi. In 1991, he died, after which the farm was passed to his daughter Mary-Grace, and gradually began to fade. “Still couple of years, and the company would have gone bankrupt,” — says Daria Ivleva. On her business card is designated the post of “translator — Manager assistant”. “In fact, doing here a little bit of everything: organize tastings for tourists, doing marketing, a bit of sales”, — says Daria. The question of exactly whose assistant she is, Daria responds with the names of the investigation the FCO: manages the economy really Sergey stupnitsky. Owner — Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Gazprombank Ilya Eliseev.

Per year sector produces 90-100 thousand bottles. A large part is sold in Italy: the bottom line of wines you can find in online stores, bonus in restaurants and wine boutiques, wine shops. 40% of the volume exported to Germany, Denmark, UK, USA, Japan. The assortment of Fattoria Della Aiola — typical wine “Chianti”. That’s three “Chianti Classico” (including two “Chianti Reserva” aged in oak barrels). There are two red wines IGT (standard geographical names), one white, one pink. The company also sells under its own brand Grappa, brandy, sparkling wine and olive oil — they are produced at the facilities of other companies from the local raw materials.

The company employs five managers and nine permanent workers for harvesting grapes attract seasonal staff.

Investments the new Russian owner of the farm has already exceeded $10 million in Addition to the price paid at purchase, had to invest more than €1 million in technical re-equipment of agriculture: bought new steel tanks for fermentation and aging of wines, planted new vineyards, which are not yet suitable for winemaking, created a new system of drainage and storm sewer, updated production lines and the plant, told the Moscow Sergey stupnitsky. “I hope someday to repair the lock it comes,” adds Daria Ivleva.

Based on the amount of investment and the volume of production, wait for return on investment Ilya Eliseev is still a very long time. In the shop at the factory Aiola wines cost between €5.5 to €19. If the volume of 100 thousand bottles a year the revenue of the farms did not exceed in the best case, €1.5 million “Gross income from the bottle happens in the region of €5-6, calculates the resident wine trading company Simple Maxim Kashirin. So the return on investment guys will have to wait 20-25 years. It’s not a business, not an investment. This sort of thing for the soul.”

“To make serious money on wine, if you’re a large manufacturer with a long history, as Torres, Antinori, Frescobaldi, says Kashirin. — Another option is a relatively young farm, bought a cheap 40 or 50 years ago and raised in price in recent years repeatedly, as, for example, some producers in California. In other cases, it is a hobby on the verge of profitability. In such business models, a lot of money there.”