Kadyrov promised to help the checks on the persecution of gays in Chechnya

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has declared readiness to cooperate with the Federal authorities when checking messages about infringement of the rights and freedoms of sexual minorities in the country, he said this to journalists, Interfax reports.

“Leadership and law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic is ready to cooperate closely with the Commissioner for human rights under the President Tatiana Moskalkova, the General Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies to verify the media reports on the alleged harassment of homosexual persons”, — said Kadyrov.

At the same time, Kadyrov said that in Chechen society “is not the phenomenon referred to as gay”.

“The people thousands of years living under other rules prescribed by the Almighty, dictated by the morals and ethics of relations between people”, — said Kadyrov.

Kadyrov also said that he considers untenable the talk about the fact that in Chechnya people are afraid to address in law enforcement bodies. “It is not. No one is intimidated. And it is impossible,” Kadyrov said, stressing that the country “firmly intend to work closely with Tatiana Moskalkova and law enforcement agencies of the country.”

“We are keen to hear the truth. In Chechnya, the rule of law. Anyone who violates it will be prosecuted. This should not be any doubt,” — concluded Kadyrov.

Earlier today, may 5, President Vladimir Putin has promised to connect the security forces to the solution of problems of gays in Chechnya — so he supported the proposal of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova to create a special group for consideration of “homosexual persons” complaining of violation of their rights.

“Of course, I will discuss it with the attorney General and Minister of internal Affairs so that they support you on the topic that you raised now, according to the known information or rumors, we can say about what is happening in the North Caucasus with people of different sexual orientation. It goes without saying. I hope our colleagues will respond and will support you”, — Putin said, answering the appeal to him Moskalkova during the meeting.

Putin will discuss with the security forces gay rights in Chechnya Video: Channel

In early April, “Novaya Gazeta” published a material based on the statements of the representatives of sexual minorities, who argued that the Republic pass mass oppression of homosexuals. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, just recently was arrested 100 suspected of homosexuality, three of them were killed. In addition, the journalists of “Novaya Gazeta”, said that all the prosecution are supported by the official clergy of Chechnya. After the publication in the newspaper on 3 April, in Grozny held an emergency meeting of Islamic scholars and opinion leaders of the Republic, where he made direct threats against journalists who published the material about the persecution of gays.

I wrote “Novaya Gazeta”, the event was attended by about 15 thousand people. At this meeting the adviser of the head of Chechnya Adam Shahidov has publicly accused journalists of slander and called them “enemies of our faith and our homeland.” Also at this meeting a resolution was adopted, one which called for violence.

“Because the insult to centuries-old foundations of the Chechen society and the dignity of Chechen men, and our faith, we promise that retribution will overtake the true instigators, wherever and whoever they were, no Statute of limitations,” gave “the New newspaper” the words of the resolution.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin does not know about the oppression of gays in Chechnya.

Later, on 2 may, German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit to Russia, appealed to Putin with a request to verify media reports about the oppression of gays. “I talked about the fact that we have received negative reports about what is happening with homosexuals in Chechnya. And asked Mr. President to exert its influence to ensure the preservation of the rights of minorities,” said Merkel at a press conference following the meeting with Putin. In response, the Russian President promised to deal with the issue.

In early may, the foreign Ministers of France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden wrote a letter to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, in which he expressed concern over the situation with a possible violation of gay rights in Chechnya and threats against journalists. Press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova called the appeal of the EU to Russia “show”. “This is another information campaign — there is no other option to rate this show. We have only seen a public statement in the retelling by the media, the letter was not received,” — said Zakharov.