The Federal penitentiary service indicated Bulk on a ban to leave Russia

The chief criminally-Executive inspection where there is received a suspended sentence, Alexei Navalny, has warned that he is forbidden to travel abroad. About this on his page on Twitter said the lawyer Bulk Vadim Kobzev.

“Called the boss of the criminal-Executive inspection, where there is Bulk, and demanded that he did not dare to think to go abroad! Very strongly requested to convey convicts to travel abroad is prohibited by law!” — the lawyer wrote.

In conversation with Kobzev said that the demand was made by the head of branch No. 15 of the criminal Executive inspection of UFSIN of Russia in Moscow by Faith Lisichkina. “Verbal demand over the phone through a lawyer no one will play. This can be interpreted as a recommendation, explanation of the law. She is very excited, apparently, that we don’t know how to interpret the law,” said Kobzev.

Answering a question, whether still Navalny, convicted conditionally, the right to travel abroad in the presence of the passport, the lawyer said that he “about this practice is unknown”. “This is a dispositive norm (according to Russian law is “a norm which applies insofar as the parties ‘agreement does not provide otherwise”. —) law. To date law enforcement agencies and courts, it was interpreted as a total ban on travel. On this basis, those who are convicted, could not get a passport. And those, from whom a passport was not able to use it, because in any case would have stopped while crossing the border,” — said the lawyer.

According to him, “if the Bulk is still to release, the state gave him permission”. “No on has nothing to do with it. The verdict Navalny duty twice a month to report to the office. More to the competence of the criminal-Executive inspection nothing,” stated the lawyer Bulk.

Earlier on Thursday, may 4, Navalny announced that he was given a passport and now he can go to Europe to get tested at a clinic specializing in eye burns. This diagnosis was made policy after he poured green paint on April 26. According to Navalny, he may need a corneal transplant.

In February, Navalny received five years probation in the case of embezzlement of funds of the company “Kirovles”. The day before, on may 3, the Kirov regional court recognised a sentence lawful, and left him in the power. After adjudication Kobzev said that Navalny is planning to appeal to the European court of human rights (ECHR).

According to the law “On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation” convicted with a criminal record are not eligible to cross the border.