WikiLeaks has unveiled the mechanism of cyber attacks on the CIA, office computers

The WikiLeaks website on Friday, may 5, has published a new batch of confidential data from the Central intelligence Agency (CIA). This time, published documents, according to WikiLeaks, tell us about the mechanism used by intelligence Agency for attacks in local area networks (LAN) often used in offices.

We are talking about the technology of Archimedes (“Archimedes”). In a statement on the WikiLeaks website States that with the help of her CIA attacks one of the computers, getting control of it. Using this infected computer security services monitor the other computers connected to the local network. In particular, “shadowing” is through the browser, which forwards the information to the server of the CIA. The user this process is transparent — what is happening externally indistinguishable from a normal viewing pages.

WikiLeaks began publishing confidential data from the CIA, named “the biggest leak” intelligence, 7 March. The project has received the common name of the Vault 7. The first portion of the publications has been called Year Zero and includes over 8.7 million documents and files obtained from the center kiberrazvedki of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. Published documents, in particular, showed the existence of a global program for hacking various devices and systems American and European productions such as the iPhone, operating system, Android, and Windows.

The previous batch of data released was called Scribbles, it was published on April 28. Documents related to the description of the system for handling Microsoft Office documents in offline mode. The system allows embedded in MS Office documents the user to track his actions.