… Announced the appointment of tax returns to the MFC

Moscow. May 4. INTERFAX.RU – centres will accept tax returns, said the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin said on Thursday at a state Council meeting.

“We must move forward to further expanding the list of services (MFC). Now we together with the tax service work on the possibility of receiving tax returns and other services. With special attention here given to issues of preservation of tax secrets”, – said the Minister.

Moscow oblast, he said, for example, has already launched a pilot project in which any citizen of the MFC automatically checks the tax debts of the applicant and shall issue a receipt for debt repayment.

In April, Oreshkin said, that this year it is planned to adopt a bill that would extend the range of services provided by multifunctional centers, including the ability to provide multiple services on one request, in addition, citizens can pay fees and tax payments directly to the MFC.

“We are currently developing a bill which I hope the state Duma will take this year, and which will create a so-called comprehensive service to the so-called life situation. That is, a person got into such situation (birth, marriage, and so forth – if) comes in, takes one application and receives all complex of services connected with it. Maximum simplification, the minimum of time”, – he noted.

In addition, according to him, the MFC cannot directly accept payments: the deposits can be made only through designated ATMs or terminals. The Ministry of Finance has developed a bill to give IFC the opportunity to accept cash in payment for public and other services. The economic development Ministry has proposed to additionally include and tax payments.

According to the public system for monitoring the quality of public services “Your control,” for a 2016 citizens appreciated more than 4.9 million for the services rendered in MFTS. The assessment comes from information terminals installed in the MFC, and the results of the SMS poll. On average, 25% of respondents who left a phone number or respond to my texts and put the assessment of the quality of services received. The average for all regions the level of satisfaction of citizens with the quality of public services rendered in MFTS, according to the system, and is consistently high at 96.2% (this level is calculated as the share of estimates “good” or “excellent”).