Bi-bi-si: Goldman Sachs can reduce its office in London for Brexit

Bi-bi-si: Goldman Sachs can reduce its office in London for Brexit

LONDON, may 5. /TASS/. Us investment Bank Goldman Sachs can reduce its office in London and to transfer some employees to other cities in the EU. About it in interview of broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si has informed, the head of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein.

“Of course, many want their business in Europe was concentrated in one point, and, of course, the most convenient place for the largest economy in the world (USA) would be the United Kingdom because of the culture, language, and special relationships. We (Goldman Sachs – ed. TASS) are an example of this approach,” said Blankfein.

However, the British exit from the EU, according to him, may cause such a convenient situation in the country will change. “If you are not able to benefit from access to the EU from the UK, and no one knows what will be the terms and conditions, there is a risk that there will be some changes that will lead to the fact that some will reduce their presence in the UK,” he explained.

According to Blankfein, his company has “contingency plans” to relocate staff to other EU countries, depending on the outcome of negotiations between London and Brussels. He did not name a specific city, saying only that the Bank has, in particular, offices in Dublin and Frankfurt am main. Blankfein also expressed hope that these plans do not have to use.

Located in London, foreign banks began to devise a strategy of partial disengagement from Britain after London announced that they will leave the European Union, and stressed that the United Kingdom in the negotiations with Brussels will not seek to maintain membership in the single market. Currently in the UK working 6.5 thousand employees of Goldman Sachs.