Called requirements of “Bashneft” and “Rosneft” to AFK “Sistema”

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU – “Bashneft” and “Rosneft” require Sistema to reimburse the damages caused by “Bashneft” as a result of its reorganization in 2014, reported “Interfax” a source close to Bashneft.

According to him, “as a result of unfair actions AFK “Sistema” company “Bashneft” was deprived of indirectly held shares of several companies, in particular, OJSC “BESK” and OJSC “Ufaorgsintez”.

In addition, Bashneft has lost the right to debt of the group AFK “System” before the “Bashneft” and has lost part of its shares which have been redeemed by the decision of AFK “Sistema”, he added.

The total amount of the claim, which “Rosneft” and “Bashneft” filed to AFK “System” yesterday, amounted to 106,6 billion.

The “system” ruled “Bashneft” and other enterprises of Bashkir FEC until their nationalization in 2014. At the end of 2016 50% of “Bashneft” has been bought “Rosneft”.

Dividends total received by the System during the ownership of “Bashneft”, the investigating authorities was estimated at 190 billion roubles, and even tried to show the holding Vladimir Yevtushenkov of claim for that amount. But in the end it was decided against “the System” is not present “including taking into account the difficult economic situation in the country, and also to prevent possible negative consequences for the market,” reported an informed source “Interfax” in December 2014, immediately after the nationalization of the package “System” of “Bashneft”.

Since the theme of the dividends received, the “System” from the enterprises of the Bashkir fuel and Energy complex, publicly nobody touched. The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin commented on the sale of Bashneft “System” oilfield services company Targin (at the end of 2016 Rosneft bought it from the AFC for the amount of 4.1 billion rubles, that is on the same assessment, according to which in 2013 the asset was transferred to “the System”).

“For example, there are contractors that have been removed from the “Bashneft”. When assessing these assets to 8 billion, they were removed for some reason 4 billion? In the Board of Directors were representatives of Bashkiria too. And further, this same contractor received a net profit of 53 billion rubles, and the current contract for 28 billion rubles,” – said Igor Sechin after a meeting with head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov.

After the statement Sechin, Sistema issued a review which stated that “the acquisition of service assets from Bashneft for which they were non-core, were carried out at market price determined by an independent appraiser in compliance with all corporate procedures and the approval of only the independent Directors.”