Chapter sold a stake of his company for $1 billion

Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos sold the portion belonging to him shares in the company worth about $1 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Bezos announced the sale of the package in advance, while claiming that it spends approximately the same amount for his company, space exploration, Blue Origin.

Just Bezos sold 1 million of its shares priced from $935 to 950 apiece. While in his possession remained 79,9 million shares, which is about 17%. At the end of 2015 the Bezos owned 83 million shares

According to Forbes, Bezos is currently ranked third in the ranking of billionaires, his fortune is estimated at $80.3 bln

In early April, Bezos said that he is ready to invest annually $1 billion in the development of heavy launch vehicle New Glenn. According to him, the development cost should be about $2.5 billion. however, he warned that will Fund the work of Blue Origin due to the sale of Amazon shares by a corresponding amount. The entrepreneur said that his ultimate goal is the elimination of Blue Origin to self-sufficiency. The company should reduce the cost of space launches.

Speaking about plans to create a New heavy rocket Glenn, which will allow satellites and spacecraft, Bezos acknowledged that his project is similar to project reusable rockets SpaceX is Elon musk. “Our engineering approaches are slightly different, but we think very similar”, — said Bezos.