Chinese conglomerate HNA has become the largest shareholder in Deutsche Bank

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU – the Chinese diversified conglomerate HNA Group became the largest shareholder of Deutsche Bank, increasing its stake in the Bank to almost 10% – more than the Royal family of Qatar and American management company BlackRock, writes Handelsblatt citing data from disclosure. In February, HNA was first acquired 3.04% of ordinary shares via Deutsche Bank European management company C-Quadrat Asset Management (UK) LLP, and in April increased its share from 4.76% to 9.92%.

Deutsche Bank and HNA not comment on this information. C-Quadrat Asset Management (UK) LLP – a subsidiary of C-Quadrat Investment AG, the Austrian investor Alexander Schultz. At the close of trading on may 2, shares of Deutsche Bank, owned by HNA (204,7 million shares), worth about 3.4 billion euros.

Earlier the Chinese company claimed that it intends to retain a stake in Deutsche Bank for less than 10%, writes MarketWatch. According to sources, HNA in April took part in the programme Deutsche Bank to attract $8.5 billion of additional capital.

HNA is a conglomerate of companies engaged primarily in the field of air transport (concern began with Hainan Airlines), real estate, financial services, tourism and Maritime transport. Its constituent firms concentrated in China and in the Asian region, but there is some activity in the EU and USA. For example, last autumn the Chinese group bought 25% of the Hilton hotel chain.

This year the HNA continues to actively invest abroad, despite heavy restrictions on the movement of capital imposed by Beijing. The founder of the HNA Group and Hainan Airlines – 63-year-old Chinese businessman Chen Feng.