In the Federation Council proposed to prohibit self-employed Russians to travel abroad

In the Federation Council proposed to prohibit self-employed Russians to travel abroad

MOSCOW, may 3. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan (United Russia) in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” suggested that as a measure for the withdrawal of self-employed people out of the shadows can be restrictions on travel abroad. According to him, according to law, from regional budgets to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) received money for children, students, people with disabilities, and “other categories of citizens”.

The Senator explained that under this category of “fall of the working-age people who officially did not work”, but for which the regions also have to pay. It will power forced out of the shadows, according to Ryazan, is not, however, “the creation of certain conditions”, according to him, “sooner or later will make this category of Russians seriously think that it is cheaper to pay taxes or continue to work only for themselves.”

The conclusion of the shadow

First Deputy head of the faction “United Russia”, Deputy of the state Duma Andrey Isaev has called for greater attention to be given not the conclusion self-employed people out of the shadows, and the fight against unfair employers who do not deduct in full the insurance contributions for employees.

“The special self-employed do not represent a problem because they are now able to register for three years to work without taxes, – Isayev said TASS. – The problem is employers that use gray schemes”.

The MP explained that unscrupulous employers thus “commit a criminal offence”, therefore “they must be fought”. “Some of them now these underpaid in Pension Fund money on the resorts rest on may holidays – that they have to work, it is necessary to deal with the relevant organizations”, – said the Deputy.

“This is a personal point of view, Valeriy Ryazan”, – commented on the position of the member of the same Isaev. According to the Deputy, today “the economic situation is still far from overcoming the crisis”, therefore, first, the state “must create sufficient number of jobs satisfactory to the people, and then to bring them to such claims and demands.”