NOVATEK confirmed the readiness to jointly implement the LNG projects in the Tambeiskoe group

Moscow. May 4. INTERFAX.RU – Primary owner of the first LNG plant on the Yamal Peninsula, NOVATEK is ready to consider partnership in the further development of the Tambey group of fields.

NOVATEK, implementing the project “Yamal LNG” had a unique experience and competence in the development of LNG projects in the Arctic. We signed an agreement with the largest engineering companies and identified a technological platform for implementation of future LNG projects, thus confirming its strategic focus on the development of LNG production in the Russian Arctic and increase the share of our country in the global LNG balance. We have already stated, and now reaffirm their interest in joint implementation of LNG projects on the resource base of the Tambeyskoye group of fields”, – has transferred “Interfax” the head of “NOVATEK” Leonid Mikhelson, through his representative.

On Thursday the Kremlin head “Gazprom” Alexei Miller told President Vladimir Putin on the completion of geological exploration at Gazprom’s sites Tambeyskoye group of fields and willingness to begin negotiations with potential partners. As the qualification requirements and partner, preferably in Russian, called the experience of building the LNG plant and the development of fields with high content of raw gas (which actually indicates the possibility of a partnership with NOVATEK).

Miller also said that Gazprom in 2008 increased the reserves Tambeyskoye group of fields 4.1 trillion cubic meters to 6.7 trillion cubic meters. Gazprom carried out a comprehensive exploration on the Tambeyskoye group of fields, seismic work on the area of 3650 km, drilled 14 exploratory wells, said the Chairman of the Board of gas concern.

“I ask you to submit a proposal on how you intend to work. But I would like you to pay attention to two major circumstances. The first – with the partners to proceed from the fact that they are able to attract the necessary financial resources. And the second – most rely on having the technological capabilities of Russian science and industry”, – said in response to Putin.

NOVATEK together with foreign partners have already built on the Yamal Peninsula, the plant for production of liquefied natural gas in Yamal LNG, on the basis of the South Tambeyskoye field.