Reuters found out about the plans trump to share responsibility in the fight against ISIS

Reuters found out about the plans trump to share responsibility in the fight against ISIS

USA intend to demand greater accountability in the fight against terrorism from its allies and not to take costly military commitments. At the same time, Reuters has learned, the anti-terrorist operation should be intensified

The new draft counter-terrorism strategy, US President, Donald trump suggests we begin to demand from the allies more responsibility in the fight against militants. It follows from the text of a government document seen by Reuters.

In the 11-page draft strategy States that the United States should begin to avoid costly military commitments.

“We need to intensify operations against global jihadist groups and reduces the price that the US pay for the human and material costs in achieving its anti-terror goals”, — quotes Agency the extract from the document which can be published in the coming months.

While the strategy States that terrorism cannot be defeated completely.

“We will strive to avoid costly large-scale US military operations to achieve the objectives in the fight against terrorism, and we hope that our partners will also share responsibility for combating terrorist groups”, — the document says.

At the same time, specifies Agency, the question remains how trump is going to avoid military intervention in the ongoing military conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and other places where there are us military.

Reuters underlines that in the case of publications and legislative approval this will be the first official document of the United States over the past six years outlining methods of dealing with Islamic extremism.

Earlier, on April 27, the White house authorized the U.S. Department of defense to increase the number of groups of us troops in Iraq and Syria. As explained by the Associated Press, this measure will allow the Pentagon chief James Mattis to regulate the number of military of the U.S. armed forces in Iraq, where the country is fighting with militants of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” in order to drive them out of Mosul and to ensure stability in the region.