Russia will write off Kyrgyzstan’s debt of $240 million

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU – Russia plans to write off Kyrgyzstan’s debt worth $240 million, follows from the draft Protocol to the relevant agreement of the two governments.

The previous agreement on the settlement of debt was signed on 20 September 2012 this document is the draft Protocol. It States that on 30 March 2017 debt of Kyrgyzstan to Russia amounts to $240 million After the signing and entry into force of the Protocol, 100% of this amount will be charged.

According to the draft, cancellation of the debt is held by Russia in the framework of “official development assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic.”

As previously reported, Russia in the first half of 2016 off the debt of Kyrgyzstan in the amount of $30 million, total debt of the Republic to the Russian Federation at the end of June 2016 amounted to $270 million over the last 11 years Russia has written off Kyrgyzstan’s $703,2 million of external debt. In particular, in 2005 the Paris club was restructured and written-off of $184, 3 million, in the period from 2005 to 2015 – $488,9 million