The FSB told about surveillance, the Ukrainian boats for the Russian courts in Crimea

Ukrainian search and rescue boat, which in April was not allowed in the territorial waters of the Crimea, Russian border guards engaged in surveillance of technical courts of the Russian group, produced their photos and videos. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press service of Border Department of the Federal security service (FSB) for the Republic of Crimea.

As explained in the representation of the Russian secret service, the incident occurred on April 23, Ukrainian boat then tried to enter the territorial waters of Russia from the Crimea. The press service of border Department said that the Russian patrol boat warned the Ukrainian ship of the violation.

“On the control duty service in Balaklava border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Crimea reported that the RF state border closer search-and-rescue boat (flag of Ukraine), the crew of which produces photos and video of Russian ships,” — said the press service.

After that Russian border guards moved to the area where he was spotted Ukrainian the boat, in order to “ensure the safety of the crews of the Russian dredger shells “Cupid and Pechora” engaged in legitimate economic activity in the territorial waters of Russia”.

The commander of the Russian group were contacted by radio with the captain of the Ukrainian boat and told him that if he continues on the specific course and route, it will violate the state border of Russia. In response, the captain of the boat stated that is in the territorial waters of Ukraine and goes to the port of Skadovsk in the Kherson region. This forces the boat was not stopped, “the use of weapons border patrol boat was not carried out”.

“The Ukrainian captain of the rescue boats themselves lay on the stated course and departed in the specified direction”, — noted in Department.

Earlier on Friday, may 5, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine on his page in Facebook reported that on April 24 the Russian ship “tried to seize a Ukrainian rescue boat” off the coast of Crimea in the Black sea.