The KFC chain in the I quarter increased its revenue in Russia by 27%

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU the KFC Chain in Russia in I quarter of 2017 increased revenue by 27% compared to last year, the report said the owner of the brand, the American Yum! Brands. Russian business accounted for 3% of the total revenue of KFC. Compared to the fourth quarter revenue growth of the Russian restaurants in January-March, slowed down (from 34%). KFC the global revenue in the first quarter increased by 5% (dynamic excluding exchange rate differences). For three months the division has opened 176 new restaurants in 36 countries.

The revenues of the network Pizza Hut remained at last year’s level, and taking into account exchange differences decreased by 2%. The Taco Bell division increased revenue by 12%. Total revenue Yum! Brands in I quarter has decreased by 2%, to $1,417 billion, including revenue from own restaurants by 5%, to $902 million in Revenue from franchise and license fees increased 5% to $515 million from $490 million a year earlier.

The company’s operating profit increased by 39% to $484 million of Net profit fell 23% to $280 million. earnings per share increased by 43%, to $0,77.

Yum!Brands based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s largest restaurant company by number of enterprises, the network comprises more than 43,5 thousand restaurants in more than 135 countries. The company develops restaurant brands KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (network spetsializiruyutsya on the dishes of chicken, pizza and Mexican cuisine).

In Russia, Yum! Brands in 2005, has established a strategic Alliance with “Rostik Groups” for the development of a network “Rostik’s KFC”. In 2006, the “Rostik’s KFC” became a separate business unit of the Russian group. In 2010, Yum! Brands bought a Russian chain of fast food restaurants “Rostik’s KFC”. In 2011 the company started to transfer the restaurants under the KFC brand.

At the end of last year in Russia there were more than 510 restaurants KFC and 40 Pizza Hut. Earlier this year, Yum! Brands announced the reorganization of the Russian units. In connection with the record financial results over the past five years, it now is responsible not only for operations in Russia and the CIS, but also for business in Central and Eastern Europe.

Yum! Brands also announced plans to sell up to 180 KFC restaurants in Russia (construction and working) partners. By 2020, will open on 1 thousand new franchised restaurants, the company expects.