The level of electoral support for Putin is 61-66%

The level of electoral support for Putin is 61-66%

MOSCOW, may 4. /TASS/. The level of electoral support of Russian President Vladimir Putin is 61-66%, the number of his supporters is growing, despite the economic and foreign policy difficulties. Moreover, among young people who because of their age will be the first to vote in the presidential election in March 2018, 65% intend to maintain the incumbent leader of the country. These data are presented in the study of the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) entitled, “Putin’s majority” on the eve of a big election cycle.”

4 may Forgo the third time will present a report on the phenomenon of “Putin’s majority”. The study is based on the data of research holding Romir (the exclusive representative of Gallup International in Russia and CIS), the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) and Fund “Public opinion” (FOM).

Politically active most

“Studies show that the level of electoral support (the incumbent) is in the range of 61-66%,” – said in the report. While Putin has not yet announced his intention to run for a new term.

“Putin majority”, say the scientists, demonstrates the high political activity and ability to mobilize in the election procedures. The Fcsd experts came to the conclusion that Putin enjoys an unprecedented support of the population. “None of the possible opposing candidates in the upcoming elections cannot be meaningful competition to the incumbent, which allows to make a conclusion, confirming the nature of the referendum campaign”, – stated in the report.

According to Fcsd, the increase in the number of people supporting Putin, is primarily due to the youth and those who for one reason or another did not participate in election campaigns of previous electoral cycles. So, according to a survey Romir, among respondents aged 18 to 23 years (those who will take part in elections) are ready to vote for Putin 65%.

In the age group from 24 to 34 years for Putin is ready to vote 64% in the age group 35-44 years and 61% among those aged 45-59 years – 56%, and in the age group 60 years and older – 62%.

Meanwhile, the data obtained in the course of research VTSIOM and FOM, talking about higher support for Putin among people older than 60 years. According to VTSIOM, for the incumbent President in this age category are ready to vote 80% of the respondents, according to FOM – 74%.

In this case, specify the authors of the report, you must make allowances for the percentage of respondents who have declared their nonparticipation in the elections, those who are planning to spoil the ballot, and, most importantly, for those who difficult to choice on the day of the survey and can be categorized as undecided. In particular, approximately 10% of participants of poll have declared their nonparticipation in the elections, and 2% plan to spoil the ballot.

If not Putin, then who?

“Putin majority”, concluded in Fargo, does not have an alternative candidate in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, if they will not participate Putin. According to Romir research, the question “If the presidential elections on Sunday, Vladimir Putin would not take part, for which candidate would you vote for?” difficult to answer 39% of the respondents. 17% said that will go to the polls, 12% said that will ruin or make from the site newsletter.

A similar picture emerges on the results of opinion polls. On the question “if Putin will not participate in presidential elections, for whom would you vote?” difficult to answer 34%. Another 18% said they would not participate in the elections. The intention to come and spoil the ballot was expressed by 4% of respondents.

Among the supporters of the incumbent who are still willing to make a choice in the absence of Putin among the candidates, according to Romir, 9% of respondents were in favor of the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 6 percent in favor of the head of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov, 4% are ready to vote for the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov.

Ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, the politician Irina Khakamada and businessman, member of the presidential election in 2012, Mikhail Prokhorov as a possible “second offer”, according to research Romir, would receive 2%.

At the same time, according to VTSIOM, the total number of those who are willing to go to the polls if they did not attend Putin, 17% voted for Zhirinovsky, 10% – for Zyuganov, 7% for Mironov.

Communicate in “Vkontakte” and in favor of a powerful army

“Putin majority”, the authors of the report, fully embodies the entire population of Russia “with the same range of interests, problem field, value framework and future aspirations”. It is represented in all age, socio-demographic, professional groups, evenly distributed over large, medium, small cities and rural settlements.

Representatives of the “Putin majority” demonstrate a conservative approach to life and believe (according to polls) that Russia’s policy should be focused on strengthening the state, “the development of the Russian civilization” (81%) that the country needs stability, and people – a quiet life (82%). 69% of respondents approve of spending on national defence, 55% believe that “Russia should be a great power with powerful armed forces and to influence all the political processes in the world.”

However, 60% of Putin’s supporters believe that the rights and freedoms of the individual cannot be limited under any circumstances, 47% believe that social justice is equality of all before the law.

According to Romir, are among life’s most important priorities for members of the “Putin majority” are family, children, health and material well-being.

Television remains the main source of information for the Russians support of the President (this was stated by 77% of respondents, and Romir 89% of respondents VTSIOM). The most popular among Putin’s electorate social networks are domestic “Vkontakte” (74% according to Romir) and “Classmates” (55%). Facebook is used only by 28% of respondents, the same amount of sit in Instagram.