The Pentagon has announced its intention to revise its missile defense program

The Pentagon has announced its intention to revise its missile defense program

USA soon will reconsider its missile defence programme. It is noted in the Pentagon, will help you find ways to improve its effectiveness. Earlier, the Pentagon began to deploy its THAAD system in South Korea

Defence Minister James Mattis on Friday, may 5, ordered to begin the process of revision of the national missile defense program (NMD). It follows from the message published on the official website of the Pentagon.

As explained in the Ministry, it will help “identify ways to enhance the missile potential, to change the balance of priorities between the United States and areas beyond, as well as to provide the necessary policy and strategic framework for talking ABOUT” US. The press service stressed that the “protection of US interests abroad against ballistic missiles is one of the most important priorities of the office”.

The Pentagon has also appointed responsible for the whole process: to manage the introduction of changes to the existing program will be Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark and Deputy head of the Committee of chiefs of staff of the Paul Selva. Also, the process will involve interagency partners, whose names were not called. To work the Pentagon took six months, until the end of 2017, the Agency will have to submit a final report to President Donald Trump.

The revision programme will take place simultaneously with changes in US nuclear doctrine, which earlier in April, American authorities announced.

The Russian General staff believe that the US armed forces have sufficient capacity to intercept Russian and Chinese ballistic missiles and thus pose a threat to the strategic nuclear forces of the two countries. According to first Deputy head of main operational Department of the General staff of Russia General-Lieutenant Victor Posnaia, in the future, “these features” will increase. According to Russian experts, by 2022 the number of missiles of the US missile defense system will be more than thousands of units.

In early March, the us military began to deploy in South Korea their missile systems THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) medium range. This system can earn “in the coming days”, said the end of April the head of the Pacific command of the US forces Harry Harris.