Thrown off. Ten ways to buy a new car cheaper

Thrown off. Ten ways to buy a new car cheaper

MOSCOW, may 6 — RIA Novosti, Sergey Belousov. Discount for new cars dealerships give all without exception, but not all buyers are willing to wrestle with learning the discount program and waiting for the right moment to buy. RIA Novosti will tell you what and when to do to purchase car dealer cost the minimum amount possible.

Start with a clean slate

Quite popular scheme is the trade-in is ideal for anyone who changes the old machine to the new one. When you purchase this system, you “sell” the dealer your old car and pay the difference, instead of getting a new one. If you decide not to spoil their nerves with the search for a buyer not want the hassle of a long and unpleasant talk about chips, the trade-in — your option. But you need to understand that the dealer will appreciate your car below its market value by about 10-15%.

The dealership

Now the dealers give a discount on the purchase of any new car on system trade-in. The size of the discount depends on the price of the future model and package you choose. By the way, discounts on expensive cars cost hundreds of thousands of rubles, so the game is worth the candle. Under the terms of the trade-in fall of serviceable cars owned for at least six months and consisting on the account in traffic police.

To use the old-fashioned way

In discount recycling program in exactly the same trade-in as money and it gives the Russian government as state support of the automotive industry. The only difference is that in addition to the discount for the utilized car, you don’t win anything more. The maximum purchase amount under the programme is one million 150 thousand rubles, but some manufacturers and dealers sometimes extend conditions of disposal, including the more expensive models.

Candidates for recycling become, frankly, not quite machine, but what’s left of them. However, to bring one wheel for recycling, too, will fail. In order to allow the vehicle took, need bodywork, engine, gearbox, transmission, controls, wheels, seats, instrument panel, standard electrical, and even the battery. In addition, the car must be owned for at least a year, and then removed from consideration in the traffic police for disposal.

Be proactive

Car salesmen are happy to offer large discounts for using credit. Lending programs there are many, but in this case we are not interested in an initial contribution and interest rates, as the proposed scheme will work only under condition of payment of the full cost of the machine. And fast payment.

Depending on model of car, purchased on credit, the dealer will offer you a discount of a few tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles. Paid 80% of the value, and the rest borrow from the Bank. As soon as the credit contract issued, cash received, and the car handed over to you, run to the Bank and prematurely extinguish all of the loan. The law allows you to do it. In the end, the interest charges are minimal, in the hands of the buyer remains unnecessary Bank card and car, bought with a big discount. Impressive the only additional expense that will require the Bank will be the insurance. But you planned to insure his “swallow” in the first year against all possible risks, right?

Trying new types of purchases

Leasing for individuals — new sales tool, whose popularity is gaining momentum. In fact it is a paid rental of a vehicle with the ability to purchase it. Pros mass: you do not pay for insurance, maintenance and other expenses, but the topic of our material is not about that.

An employee of the dealership

When buying a car on lease you can also get a significant discount on a new car. If you’re an individual entrepreneur or own a company, then buy the car you can afford and all the cost it is written off by the company. Entities give more discounts, and in return they get the opportunity to reduce taxes.

To return to the past

The obvious advantage the buyer will receive for the car last year. Such cars each dealer fully, especially now that sales of all brands fall. Find last year’s model right up to the end of the year. It is even so that new sold two – and three-year cars.

Of course, the previously released car, the more they will give a discount on it, because what little the dealer will want to keep “junk” for several years. Disadvantage of this scheme is that when selling you will have to explain to everyone that the car 2016 release, was bought in the summer of 2017, and another inspection will need to pass a year early, and then insurance will become more expensive faster and faster.

Follow the news

In Newspapers and magazines paint advantages of a completely new generation of the car (not to be confused with last year’s models from the previous paragraph). Yes, it is really beautiful, it is full of new technologies and of nice options. Stop six months ago, you yourself dream about the same model that suddenly became old. It is the dealers start to receive good discounts.

Work showroom

The reasons are the same — the sellers do not want a cluster of old machines in their warehouses and is ready to sell them cheaper. The more time has passed since the release of the new machine, the bigger discount give to dealers. Follow the news and don’t miss the change of generations.

Subscribe to the spam

Discounts can appear for different reasons, but the daily crawl of the dozens of sites will be tedious. Get yourself a new mailbox, will buy in the underpass SIM card and register a personal account on all the official sites you are interested in brands and dealers. The same can be done on the websites of banks, subscribing to news about discount offers on car loans.


After you e-mail and phone will receive the newsletter for spam. If an offer is interesting and will lead to the purchase of the car, about the Inbox can be erased and SIM card leave till the best times or use then to register in stores for the delivery of sushi and pizza (they spam more so than the dealers).

To track the progress of the dealers

The work of the official dealer directly linked to the automaker. Both are interested in each other, and if their symbiosis is successful, then the benefits can get and the buyer. So, under the condition that the dealer plan to sales at the end of each month or quarter, the automaker gives your partner additional discounts on the purchase of new machines.

With such a dealer will be easier to agree on the bargaining, he will be able to adjust the price downward much more readily. The principle of the Turkish market kind of works in this case: the longer you withdraw from the purchase, the more generous will be the dealer, because the planned profit he has already received.

To have children

Maternity capital, which is paid to all women of Russia, the birth of a second child, can be used for different purposes, but buying a car is not one of them. Meanwhile, the conversations about this have been underway for many years, but has lead to nothing. The government feared that the new machines moms start cash issued to them certificates.

The theme of the exchange of parent capital raised periodically. Even invented the cure for the false deals: a ban on the sale of cars bought on matkapital for three years. By the time of this writing, such a proposal was again made by one of the deputies. So to have children, and the law, and look to be on the side of the future car owners.

You put it all together

And one last tip: try to use several ways to save. Usually, discount for a loan or lease is aggregated with the benefit of the trade-in or disposal, why the size of the discount can reach very tempting values in hundreds of thousands of rubles. And if you buy the previous generation, but still released last year, but still make it to the end of a successful quarter, but with two children? Need to try everything that is not forbidden, because that’s what the market, though car.