US airlines promised Congress to improve service and reduce overbooking

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX.RU – Representatives of the largest airlines in the USA at hearings in the House of representatives promised to improve the quality of customer service and limit the practice of overbooking (selling more tickets than the number of seats in the cabin), writes The Washington Post.

Hearings were conducted on the background of a number of incidents, most of which involved United Airlines. In particular, on 9 April, the passenger was forcibly removed from the plane because of overbooking, this company refused to let a flight of two girls dressed in leggings, and then on Board under mysterious circumstances, died of a giant rabbit.

The head of the United Oscar muñoz brought his personal apology for the incident with the passenger, noting that it was “a terrible failure” for the company. He also promised to review the policy of the company in respect of overbooking and increase compensation to passengers who voluntarily withdraws from the space on the flight, up to $10 thousand

His colleagues at American Airlines and Alaska Airlines also announced plans to reduce the number of cases of overbooking, and Southwest Airlines has promised to abandon the practice altogether.

“Use this opportunity to change for the better, – said the Chairman of the transport Committee of the house of representatives bill Shuster. – If you do not, we will take action that you don’t like it.”