“Vedomosti” reported on unscheduled audit of the Central Bank in the Bank “Ugra”

“Vedomosti” reported on unscheduled audit of the Central Bank in the Bank “Ugra”

The Central Bank began an unscheduled inspection of the Bank “Ugra” after the incident of failure. Source “Vedomosti” reported that including CB interesting “Deposit operations and operations with other involved means of physical persons”

The Central Bank began an unscheduled inspection of the Bank “Ugra” against the backdrop of the failure, make it difficult to work with clients. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the person, “knowing that from the staff of the Supervisory unit of the Central Bank and the chief inspection, Bank of Russia” and other sources.

The staff of the regulator plan to test “completeness and timeliness of execution of obligations to customers in period of emergencies, Deposit operations and operations of other borrowed funds of natural persons”, and in addition, and information technology of the Bank, told the newspaper one of the interlocutors. Another source of “Vedomosti” reported that the Central Bank “raises concerns” large Deposit portfolio of the Bank, which on April 1 was 179,4 billion.

The last unscheduled inspection of “Ugra”, the Central Bank completed on January 16. According to its results, the regulator demanded that the “Yugra” to increase their substantial reserves, “Vedomosti”. In March, the Bank received the instruction on the inspection report, listing a number of companies and it was written that the additional formation on these borrowers reserves may lead to the emergence of signs of bankruptcy of the Bank, confirmed “Vedomosti” a person who knows about it from the employee of the Central Bank.

In the Bank “Ugra” and working in his PR escort Agency Progress on the questions of “sheets” have not responded.

In 2016, the Bank “Ugra” has received Pro Bono support from shareholders in the amount of RUB 28.6 billion, which was made in the “other operating income” and not under “Capital,” wrote RBC with reference to the auditor of a credit organization BDO.

According to IFRS the Bank for the year 2016 received 2.3 billion rubles. net profit. “If the operation infusion of the assistance of shareholders was reflected only in equity but not in earnings”, said a leading expert of “Expert RA” Yuri Belikov, the Bank would have suffered losses in the amount of 26 billion rubles.

The data “Interfax-TSEA” indicate that, according to Russian accounting standards, the Bank has received over the past year a loss of $ 31,7 billion.

“Unprofitable activity of the Bank associated with the accrual of additional reserves for loan receivables. For reimbursement of the Bank for reserving the main shareholder and has supported the Bank”, — explained Alexey Nefedov.

Previously, on April 25, in the “Yugra” has failed, which has caused problems with the Bank’s customers with making payments and withdrawal of deposits. In a press-service of the Bank explained that the failure involves a violation in the system of external power supply, which affected the work of information systems. As found RBC, for April 27 the consequences of failure were felt in the offices of the Bank: before lunch was impossible any transactions except cash withdrawal.

The President and shareholder of “Severstal” Alexey Nefedov told RBC that in the evening of 27 April, all options of the Bank was restored, and “the supply of funding has not suffered.” “Today, investors all over Russia took only 50 million roubles yesterday the outflow and inflow was equivalent, the day before the investors nothing at all taken away,” he said.